As a kid, I always had a love and passion for film. As I developed an understanding of how pictures and movies were made, I fell in love with cameras. My mother would have me hold the video camera when filming home movies or her 35mm when taking pictures of family during the holidays. She would often complain when watching the tape of whatever I had recorded, saying that I did too much. She said all I needed to do was simply hold the camera still and that I didn't need to zoom or get crazy angles. I have never felt that a simple straight on, boring shot is worth anything. Anyone can hold the camera in one place. What separates a person’s work at the end of the day is perspective. I have been recognized for my sense of vision and detail & I NEVER would have gotten that by standing “still”. 

My eye for visuals and love for cinema help me to see what elements look nice Together. My sense of direction help to create a story that can be told from a picture. Once I realized I had created my own unique style, it was time to give it a name. "B.O.L.D" comes from me being me, & the fact that all of my life I have stood out. I like bold images and use bold contrast, Incorporating this into my work make the images pop and stand out. I keep the B.O.L.D. motto alive every time I work, "Brave. Observant. Lucid. Distinctive." 

Whenever I edit or take a picture or capture a scene, I ask myself subconsciously, is it B.O.L.D.
Is it Brave, something that could easily standout as different from others? 
Is it an Observant shot, something that only I saw until I pointed it out? 
Is it Lucid, something visually appealing not lacking of flare? 
Is it Distinctive, something that looks like I defiantly did it? 

When all of these things click for me, instantaneously I know at that moment I have something B.O.L.D. 

​pHOTOGRAPHY|graphic design||film|fashion fl, Miami