Now partnering up with SNAPTEE, all shirts (crew, V-neck, women’s and children) are 100% Cotton Tagless comfort using DTG printing technology. All styles seen are available for both genders and can be purchased in your choice of V-neck, Crew, Tank Top, Sweater and Hoodie. (Compliments of SNAPTEE) Support the cause, STAY BOLD, and now you can SPREAD AWARNESS by wearing B O L D Apparel! 


​pHOTOGRAPHY|graphic design||film|fashion fl, Miami

After a year of finding an identity, BOLDV I E W Z has now discovered a new avenue to utilize the vast skill set it has acquired in fashion. Taking the ability to have an eye for all things visually appealing, it just makes sense to put our “two cents” in the fashion piggy bank of the hip and happenin urban community. Using the graphic design dept. and combining it with the photography that gave BOLD the visually distinctive images fans accepted, it makes for another BOLDLY unique type of image that can now be worn to make a statement. Granted it’s a “rough start” (to say in the least) but it is still A START!